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Rail transport is the most optimal costs and time value freight way. Railways are capable of transporting large numbers of containers that come from / to various of shipping ports / warehousing and / or logistic centres. This delivery method allows to carry cargoes of different specifications, weight, oversized and different state of aggregation (liquid, solid, bulk, gas) on domestic and international routes. Rail transport also allows to transport cargos under any weather conditions, any time of the year / day, free of traffic jams with sharp departure / arrival schedules. Rail transport costs compared with road transport can be cheaper up to 30 percent.

JSC Baltic Shipping offer railway freight forwarding by all types of railway wagons (covered, opentop, platforms, hoppers, refrigerated and etc.) and transportation of containers in all the territories: Baltics, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Russia and other CIS, Asia and EU countries. Company organize rail freight transportation for full container load (FCL) and less container load (LCL) to / from the necessary railway logistics centres, 3PL, warehousing and storage in Lithuania and other countries: organizes cargo warehousing and prepares cargo for further safe transportation (cargo transhipment, sorting and preparation, packing services), issues documentation related to cargo transportation and represents client's interests in customs house – issues administrative documents for import, export and transit customs procedures, international cargo transportation documents.

Thanks to our long-term partners such as Lithuanian railways, Latvian railways, Russian Railways, Ukrainian railways, Belarusian Railways who have a long-lasting experience and our qualified logistics specialists, JSC Baltic Shipping ensures smooth, prompt and professional cargo transportation by rail services.


The shipments of cargo transportation by sea is widely used mode of cargo deliveries. Worldwide cargo deliveries are common for our company including specific inner waterways cargo shipments. Maritime transport is not limited by multimodal logistic solutions of cargo deliveries to final destinations using large quantity of transhipment ports and involving reliable subsidiary companies or subcontractors. Above mentioned transport types are useful to deliver ultra-heavy weight and sizes project cargoes in many fields of industries.

IJSC Baltic Shipping provides chartering and ship brokering services for break bulk, containerised, project and liquid cargoes. The most effective and updated ships' database is used for choosing the best positions of the tonnage to avoid ballast trips and to obtain the most competitive freight rates for the client. Long years of experience of work on freight market ensures reliable and professional offers are provided to the charterers / clients. In order to respond to the needs of particular customer our experienced personnel offer the best option of cargo transportation mode according to the cargo peculiarities. JSC Baltic Shipping is working with reliable and tested partners / subcontractors all over the world more than two decades. Beside of domestic and European activities JSC Baltic Shipping is experienced providing logistic services for the cargos overseas such as: loading and discharging, warehousing and storage, including customs brokerage services, issuance necessary cargo certificates, documents (CMR, CIM / SMGS railway bills, T2L, T1) and consultations / arrangements for cargo insurance and other needed services.

Due to above said many customers from all over the world entrust JSC Baltic Shipping with long time orders / contracts.


Multimodal transportation is the mode of transportation of the cargo by means of combining several transport types such as sea, rail, road and air. This enable to ship the goods in the most convenient way both geographically and economically, thus shortening transit time and avoiding additional costs. Multimodal transportation is being used when one transport mean is not providing all needed services or is too much expensive. Multimodal deliveries are also preferable for transportation of oversized and ultraheavy cargo units. Temperature sensitive cargoes and IMO class cargos are being shipped multimodal because of short transit time.

All logistics infostructure is being used for multimodal cargo transportation: sea and air ports, inland terminals, customs warehouses, cargo distribution centres, road cargo hubs which requires thoroughly prepared professional actions, mutually coordination and management of all involved parties.

JSC Baltic Shipping work closely with Klaipeda stevedoring companies: “Klaipedos konteineriu terminalas", Klaipeda Stevedoring Company “KLASCO", Stevedoring Company “Klaipedos Smelte", Stevedoring Company “Bega", “Vakaru krova" and with state enterprise Klaipeda state seaport authority, State railways “Lietuvos geležinkeliai", OAO “Russian Railways" Belarusian Railways.

All above shipments are being handled on high professional level of experienced JSC Baltic Shipping team to ensure safe and timely delivery of cargo to final destinations.


JSC Baltic Shipping provides ship agency and ship brokering services. Company represents ship owners, operators in the port of call. Ship agent closely deal with state port authority, immigrations, customs, ship supply, ship repairs / yards, law and other governmental institutions to ensure safe stay of the ship in the port and after departure (documentation and accounting for the services rendered).

Company is providing the interests representation services for ship owners, charterers, operators or managers in the port, state and law enforcement authorities. These services also include broker services in the purchase and transfer of vessels, entering into charter parties, payment and collection of fees and other formalities.

Company is rendering following ship services in the port of Klaipeda and other Baltic States ports:

  • mooring, bunkering, dockage, supply of fresh water, supply of basic commodities, repairs, supply of spare parts, medical aid and crew change;
  • handling of customs and cargo documents, payment of port dues and other charges;
  • providing all the information to ship owners and masters about the port rules, restrictions and customs of the port.